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Interviewer – Single male

Respondent – Emma


Can’t Hear - (ch + timecode), Could be - (cb + timecode)



[TB:  00:00:08]


Thanks for, for speaking with me today.


No problem.


I have just finished, er, the first round of, of interviews from-, sorry, for my project, and I need to have them transcribed.  There are 20 interviews and they range from 24 minutes to 90 minutes.  [...] I've not done this before, so, so, erm, can you tell me about what, what I can expect?


Yes, I can.  I need to know, a, a couple of things first.  Are all the files going to be two voices, you and the respondent?


They are, yes, but, [......] but the next round of interviews that I'm going to be doing, will, will be a mixture of, erm, speaker numbers.


Right, right, okay.  My next question is, did, er, did you record them in a cafe, quite room or loudspeaker over the, erm, phone?


Mmm.  It was in a quiet room on, on, you know, loudspeaker.  Is that, you know, like, going to be okay?


That's fine, mmm.  I just wanted to get a gauge of any background noise that, that might interfere with the sound quality.


Oh, oh, right.  Out of interest, erm, what happens if the background noise is, is, er, loud?


Well there is only so much you can do with, erm, noisy audio, but there are some, treatment, treatments that you can use to quieten the noise a little.  Mmm.  If the noise was ever too loud, then I'd always tell you beforehand and check if you wanted to continue with having that file transcribed.  Part of what I do is advise my clients, mmm, and I don't want them to waste their money having something transcribed, you know, that I know is going to be of no use to them.


That's good to, er, er, erm, know.  How quickly can I, I, mmm, have the files back?


I offer a range of turnaround times.  For a batch of work, which this would be, I have three different return timeframes.  The first, is one after the other and you give me your end date for receiving your last transcript.  The second is one week and the third is two weeks.  As you've already completed your interviews, you might want to consider going with the one week option.


This style of transcript is great for interviews and focus groups, when you need to have a word-for-word, accurate record of what was said.  These transcripts include everything.  They include all filler phrases, stutters, repetition and pauses of varying lengths.


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