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Accuracy and Topic Relevant Research


We are responsible for the final proofread of all the files before they are returned to the clients, and our team receive detailed feedback from us after every file they complete.


To ensure spelling continuity and research accuracy, we create individual terminology/brand name lists based on the research topic.  Each topic list is distributed to all team members at the beginning of the job, and they are updated by us.


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HR Disciplinary

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Transcript Styles

Word-for-Word Verbatim

A verbatim transcript captures every word spoken as it is said, including stutters, false starts, and minimal responses.  This form of transcription is used when a client needs an accurate record of what was said, and is usually chosen when an accurate word-for-word transcript is needed of a discussion, for example an IUC/PACE interview or HR interview.  

Discourse Analysis

All emotions and sounds are included within the transcript e.g. [coughs], [hesitates], [sobs], [sounds scared], [soft tone], [hard tone], [angry tone], and all speech is transcribed using the verbatim style.  When transcribing from video formats all gestures are included within the transcript e.g. [points to stomach], [points to the picture on the table], [shakes head], as well as emotions and sounds.  These transcripts can also be time-stamped upon request.

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This style of transcript is short and simple.  All non-relevant speech is removed and only the facts are transcribed using intelligent verbatim.

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Intelligent Verbatim

When an assignment is transcribed in this style we do not include stutters, false starts, repetition etc.  Speech habits such as 'you know' and 'I mean' are retained within the flow of speech, however, if they occur more than twice within the same sentence they are omitted to make the transcript a cleaner read.  This form of transcription is used when a client wishes the transcript to remain as close as possible to the spoken material, whilst removing unwanted speech habits, to maintain the cadence and meaning of the speakers' language.

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